IT Support

It is perhaps inevitable that at some point something will go wrong with your IT or Web function. Or there may be a time when it’s maybe essential, or just reassuring to call on the help of an expert.it_support

It’s at times like these that Acunovo can come to your assistance. We can offer support services to a diverse range of customers for a wide range of IT and Online services.
We understand that any IT or Web downtime can seriously impact a business and can have potentially damaging financial consequences and losses. We are able to provide a quick and swift response to ensure your business is quickly able to overcome any technical hiccups or rainy days and continue to operate to its full potential.
We can help you put in place a structured and planned ‘Support Strategy’ which can be very beneficial in companies where forward planning is a key factor as we can include proactive maintenance, thus preventing issues and possible problems before they occur.
In the unfortunate event of a virus or malware attack, we can provide a rapid response to limit and quickly attempt to repair the damage.


Our support service can be provided in a number of ways.

Remote Support

This will involve one of our team members logging remotely into your network server or PC to get a closer look at the problem. This greatly improves the chances of diagnosing the issue and leading to a rapid and timely fix or resolution.

On Site Support

Where a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a team member will arrange to visit you at your location and then proceed with a timely fix and resolution on site.
For new installations of servers, workstations, network components or software, an onsite visit by a team member can always be scheduled at a convenient time.

Remote Monitoring

Systems can be put in place to continually monitor the mission critical points of your IT or Web function to ensure they are working at optimum levels at all times.
This remote monitoring in ‘Real Time’ is particularly useful to cover your Network and Server(s). We can monitor key factors such as server CPU, memory and hard disk usage and also keep a watchful eye on system error messages. System controls can be put in place to alert for not only server and network faults and failures, but also to monitor and alert for instances where systems are operating out of acceptable levels. With such a system in place we can more easily identify issues that may cause problems before they are normally able to do so, and advise clients to take quick preventative action.