To be successful in today’s business world, it is imperative to have your IT networked, not only within your organisation but also to be connected to the outside world.

Implementing an effective network architecture has many business benefits, from making your teams work more efficiently and effectively through easy data sharing and collaboration, to facilitating easier data backup.

networksIt also provides many points at which you can access your data, allowing your employees to reach important data both in and out of the office and across multi platforms including pc, tablet or smartphone.

Whether your network is wireless or wired, spread over just a single office location or spanning many offices in a number of locations, we can work with you to identify your networking requirements and expectations in full.
Whether your requirements are less complex and you only need to add a single workstation or two, or you need to add a wireless network or secure your wireless networks or perhaps implement an enterprise level network infrastructure, Acunovo can help you at all junctures, to design, build, secure and maintain your network.

Always conscious of avoidable IT costs and your budget, we will undertake a detailed appraisal of your existing network infrastructure if you have one and will work with you to advise you and open up new possibilities which will ultimately enhance your IT and allow you to gain a competitive advantage.
Whether we are building a completely new network for you or adding to an existing one, we will endeavour at all times to guide you to ensure that your network infrastructure will meet your business needs for both now and in the future. And when needed we can provide assistance to grow and enhance your network infrastructure as your business grows.

Once your wired or wireless network is in place, it is absolutely essential to have it secured. We have the expertise to set up and secure all your networks using very effective and leading encryption methods.

This ensures your data is protected across all platforms at all times, yet allows you access when you need it and how you need it, be that in the office or remotely via your laptop, tablet or smartphone.